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Amidst the chaos of our fast-paced lives, most of the times we tend to forget to really live, to appreciate each moment, to embrace the beauty around us, to love, and to value ourselves. We desire to help you take a moment away from all the noise, to reconnect with your soul over a cup of tea which has been created with extreme love, care, and attention to detail. Re-learn how to live each moment with our 100% organic teas and appreciate smaller things in life.

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Transforming your tea drinking moments into a special ritual, our Cup is the perfect Zen way to start your morning’s everyday bringing you into that tranquil and serene space. Tea is endlessly engaging, bringing people together. It connotes differently to everyone, for some it’s an inspiration, a relaxation, a sense of calmness and wellbeing. Great Tea touches your soul. Our uniqueness lies in the perfect balance it maintains between a rich taste, strength, and an irresistible aroma, rekindling delicious memories in you. Immerse yourself in the sublime journey of our luxury teas and let the aromas and flavors engulf your senses.

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