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Organic Jasmine Tea - Pack of 10

Organic Jasmine Tea - Pack of 10

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Organic Jasmine Tea is an ideal companion for beginning or ending your day, when you are able to steal some relaxing moments to yourself. As the leaves of this specially handcrafted Organic Jasmine tea unfurl and gently come to life, it renders a visual brilliance and charm that is best appreciated by those with a love for the truly unique.

Take a sip and let the floral taste serenade your taste buds with its intense, unforgettable floral aroma and freshness. Packed with immense health benefits, Jasmine Tea helps in reducing stress, anxiety, stimulates appetite, and digestion.

Brewing Instructions:
We recommend soaking the leaves for 5mins, at a water temperature between 70°C to 90°C or 160°F to 180° F before consumption.


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